Information for Children

Information for children, because small people matter too

Here at The Old Hall we know how important your children are. So we’ve listened to their needs …

I’m not big enough yet to sit on a normal chair, I might fall off. So please can I have one of those special high chairs, but a nice comfy one please?

Can I have little forks, knives and spoons too. I am getting better at cutting up my own food, so it is easier if they are my size and not Mummy size.

The children’s menu can be boring, can we choose what we want on your menu please? Just the smaller size – not as big as my Dads!

Please, please, please can I have some toys to play with? I promise to be good.

And just in case Mummy forgets you had better have nappies, wipes and bags. My mummy always says to be prepared.

I like to sleep in the same room as Mummy and Daddy, but I don’t take up much room so I shouldn’t have to pay.

Oh, and can I get picnics for trips out to the park or inside if it rains?

Thank you, I will tell all my friends!