Mary Queen of Scots – Discover the real story

4 January, 2019 1977 Views

Discover the real story of Mary Queen of Scots time here in Buxton.

A new feature film, Mary Queen of Scots, will be released on January 18th 2018 and has a cast of stars including Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie and David Tennant but how much is shown of Mary’s time here in Buxton?

During the summer of 1573 Mary,Queen of Scots came to Buxton to take the waters in the captivity of George Talbot,Earl of Shrewsbury .Talbot and his wife Bess of Hardwick  had recently built Talbot’s tower now known as the Old Hall Hotel in 1572 and Mary petitioned Elizabeth 1 for permission to be taken there.

George Talbot had been chosen as the keeper of the Queen of Scots due to his immense wealth. Few would have been able to afford the cost of keeping a Queen for the 15 years of Mary’s 19 year imprisonment. The task almost ruined him and certainly ruined his marriage to Bess of Hardwick.

Mary attended Buxton for the final time in 1584 and was executed at Fotheringay in 1587 however her visits to Buxton were some of her happier times . It is perhaps why she can spare us the time to tell her tale ….

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