Death at Fawlty Towers – Murder Mystery Event

Sybil Strikes Back!

It is the night of Basil & Sybil’s 15th wedding anniversary and you have all been invited to the surprise party organised (in secret!) by Basil. All seems to be going to plan - Manuel is waiting on the tables – Terry, the new chef, is busy preparing the food, and entertainment has been arranged for the party of German guests staying at the hotel.

But things start to go wrong when Polly is late from her evening class, the new chef is found drunk and Sybil is convinced that Basil has forgotten all about the anniversary!

Suddenly, a death occurs – and, with murder suspected, everyone finds themselves under suspicion.

The question is - who did it and why?

Find out all this and more in our fun filled ‘Fawlty Towers’ themed murder mystery evening!

Price only £29.50 pp

The Murder…

Freshly “Brewed” Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato and “Toxin” Soup “On Stage” with Crusty Bread Rolls

Game and Bacon Terrine “Drowned” in Port and “Throttled” with Grape and Cranberry Chutney

Smoked Salmon “Layed Out” on Rocket Salad with a “Backdrop” of Lemon Dressing

Warm Goats Cheese “Choked” with Roast Peppers on a “Stretcher” of Pastry with Balsamic Salad

The Motive…
Poached Sea Bass and Spinach “Spiked” with “Questionable” Hollandaise

Roast “Topped” Side of High Peak Beef, Claret and Onion “Potion”

Supreme of Chicken “Injected” with “Smoked out” Cheese and Apple “Garrotted” with Madeira Sauce

“Spicy” Vegetable Risotto Rissole “Alias” Onion Bhaji with a “Alibi” of Sweet Chilli Sauce
Served with “Strung up” Vegetables and a “Percussion” of Potatoes

The Verdict…
“Knifed” Cheese Plate

“Death by” Chocolate

Vanilla Cheesecake with “Bloodied” Coulis